Sutherland’s global network of expert metalforming specialists maintains thousands of machines worldwide. Our technicians are vetted professionals in electrical, mechanical, and hydraulics systems. We’ve built a comprehensive worldwide rapid-response team without sacrificing our “pit crew” philosophy. We support our clients with a full range of services designed to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

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Onsite Service & Telephone Troubleshooting

Over 70 years of service excellence.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Annual and semi-annual maintenance plans.

Standardized & Tailored Training & Engineering  Support

Annual and semi-annual maintenance plans.

Upgrades & Repairs

Press control upgrades and system repairs.

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Unlike traditional maintenance reports that take days to process, our PMP team employs a state-of-the-art Cloud-Based Reporting System that allows reports to be completed in real-time. Sutherland Technicians are able to collect photos and enter inspection results on-site directly into digital reports that are synced and made available to clients almost instantly.

Our unique systems-based approach is designed to evaluate the main 6 categories of operation within each press: mechanical, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, lubrication, and overload. These categories are reflected in Sutherland’s report cards that we issue as part of every PMP.

Each report card features a clear red/yellow/green evaluation for hundreds of line items within each category, allowing multiple levels of management to easily understand the changing status of presses over time as well as areas that may need immediate attention.

Our Preventative Maintenance Plans include valuable training for your maintenance teams,  (Vets and Newbies) providing the knowledge and best practices to keep your presses in top condition.

Preventative Maintenance Plans are available for any brand of press, on an annual or semi-annual basis.

All the parts and repairs you need to succeed.

Sutherland Presses are made with the highest quality parts in order to meet your high standards for performance and safety. Our Los Angeles Headquarters is fully stocked with all original spare and replacement parts. We also maintain a stock of all perishable name-brand components. Sutherland ensures the fastest possible availability for the parts you need, shipped anywhere in the world.



As a leader in industry innovation, Sutherland understands the importance of staying current with the leading edge of technology.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop unique modernization solutions tailored specifically to your production needs. Our 70 years of experience has afforded us a wealth of creative capital, allowing us to tackle the biggest challenges in modern metalforming while remaining nimble and inventive.

We are committed to helping you raise the bar for safety, productivity, and efficiency in every aspect of your press lines, from rebuilds to control upgrades to customized solutions.

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