The New KS2 APEX SERIES, Center Drive with Left to Right Crankshafts. The KS2 mechanical press metal forming solution incorporates a new and improved crown and drive design. The opening in the top center / apex has been made larger for ease of drive installation and future maintenance. With the main drive gear box in the center, the left to right crankshaft journals push the connecting rods further apart. This has advantages with large die area and off-center load conditions. We have been installing center drive straight sides since 1985, and all presses exceed JIS 1st class standards. The I-PRESS® AB PLUS press and automation controller comes standard on all Sutherland presses.
KS2 APEX Series mechanical stamping press 220-1200 ton. Newly innovative metal forming technology. Find metal stamping presses for your metal forming process.REQUEST A QUOTE


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KS2 APEX Series mechanical stamping press 220-1200 ton. Newly innovative metal forming technology. Find metal stamping presses for your metal forming process.


Installation & Service

Trucking, rigging & foundation upon request
Technicians for press start up and training
Preventative Maintenance Programs at 6-12 months
3-2-1 Warranty based on multi-shift use


Ross safety lock out valve
Frames are stress relieved after welding
SMC liquid filled gages
SMC regulators & lubricators
NOK seals & packings
Ross DM series DSV dual safety valve
Hi Torque combination clutch & brake
Air pressure switch monitored at control
Air counter balance cylinder for upper die weight
Flywheel brake for safe entry to die area


Robust fabricated steel frames
Frames are stress relieved after welding
NTN Bearings on high speed shafts
Gears run in self-contained oil bath
High compression bronze bushings
Crankshafts are rated for 150% capacity
Three piece connecting rod w/ alloy insert
Motorized slide adjustment (66 ton & above)
Six & eight point full length slide guides
T-Slotted bolster & slide for die clamping


IHI automatic grease lubrication
Recirculating Oil Systems (larger presses)
IHI electrically monitored lube distribution blocks
Bijur automatic air-counter balance oiler

Safety Equipment

Adjustable Safety Die Block Electrically Interlocked to Emergency Stop Circuit
Flywheel Brake for Quick Stopping of Flywheel during during die maintenance or die change
Light Curtains for FRONT & REAR 40" (optional)
Light Curtains for FRONT & REAR 30" (optional)

Standard Features

Rotary Encoder with Time & Distance Brake Monitor
Floor Mounted MEP-Main Panel
20% Open Space in MEP for future items
Mobile T-Stand Run Station
Motorized Slide Adjustment with Mechanical Read Out
OMPI Combination Dry Clutch and Brake with Dual Safety Air Valve
Automatic Lubrication System with Electronic Monitor 
Cycle Switch
Automatic Air Counter Balance Oiler
Automatic Air Counter Balance Oiler
Hydraulic Overload System (HOLP) integrated with a key switch located on MOS Operator Control

Mobile T-Stand
Run Station

Press Control

Omron Platform (included)
9" Color Touch Screen
Tonnage Monitor (optional)
Rockwell AB Platform (optional)
10" Color Panel View Touch Screen
Tonnage Monitor (included)
Hanging Swivel MOS / Master Operation Station
I-PRESS® user Friendly Easy Navigation Screens
I-PRESS® Connected Enterprise for Remote Login
200 Job Memory Storage (expandable)
12 Cams Programmable & Nameable
16 Die Monitor Outputs Programmable & Nameable
Fault Monitors to Protect Press, Automation & Tooling
Stroke  Position & Speed Indicator on Main Run Screen
Brake Monitor with Stopping Time Readout
Variable Speed Drive Programmable by Job

Press Control

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