At Sutherland Presses, our commitment to delivering innovative metalforming solutions and impeccable customer service has made us an industry leader for more than 70 years. Our ability to maintain our position among the best in the business depends entirely on the exceptional people who make up our team.

Current openings:

Press Technician
Sales Specialist
Full Time
Malibu, CA
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We live for the thrill of knowing that our hard work pays off at a massive scale, providing solutions that power the industries of progress and prosperity.

Everyone at Sutherland shares a passion for digging into the unique challenges of the metalforming world.

Our key goals:

We are always on the lookout for talented, motivated, and team-oriented individuals who want to join the Sutherland team and help us in achieving these goals. From our headquarters in Malibu, CA, to our press prep center in La Mirada, CA, to our network of lead technicians and service providers across the country, we are constantly seeking to build on our strengths and take on new challenges and opportunities.

Our Ideal Candidates:

• Demonstrate effective & passionate leadership
• Thrive in a team environment
• Push for new and creative solutions
• Share our dedication to our customers

Our local operations require a range of diverse roles, including administration, sales, service and marketing.

We are also seeking to expand our nationwide distribution and certified service technicians with clients and opportunities across the globe.

If you are interested in a chance to join the Sutherland Presses team, please email us

If you are interested in a chance to join the Sutherland Presses team, please contact us at